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August 2018

Focus on loving your neighbor. In this edition of our Newsletter, we focus on this very topic to encourage each of us to consider how we can best honor God’s command. We have some though-provoking pieces and some hard-hitters intended to get us thinking about our part to play in loving those in our sphere of influence. Perhaps love is the most effective form of reaching others. Let’s commit to reaching out and show the love of Christ we profess to have in us!

June 2018

Focus on believing in God. Scripture states “Canst thou by searching find out God?” No man can prove God 100%, for none have seen Him nor could reproduce that experience as proof if they had. However, there is plenty of evidence for the existence of God, and personal experience, which is irrefutable. But there is no need to worry, God will, Himself, prove once and for all, when “every eye shall see Him.” What a day of discovery that will be!

May 2018

Focus on the Church Body. This month we decided to focus on Church—the body of Christ. We know at times church can be stale, mundane, haphazard, and even downright “blah” at times. It doesn’t have to be this way. Often times we get these ideas of what church is supposed to be and forget all about what God intended church to be. Are we being spiritually robbed? Or even, are we spiritually robbing ourselves and each other?

April 2018

Focus on the Resurrection of Christ. Though many know of the resurrection story, the true meaning is still largely veiled, even among the Christian world. To many it is just another “time of the year” where we go to church, but nothing beyond that. The fact is, there is a world out there desperately in need of the Cross, that is, the blood that was shed there for the saving of humanity. The world has an eye on Christianity and the way we respond is what frames their picture of God’s people.

March 2018

Focus on Revival and Renewal. This month we present you with uplifting pieces on the topic of revival and renewal. It is our hope you will be touched by the stories and testimonies from your fellow church members, encouraging each of us to seek renewal in Christ. It’s easy to be discouraged by all that is going on in this world around us. We may even be tempted to doubt the character of God. After all, the age-old question still exists, “If God is all-loving, all-powerful, why does He allow all that is wrong in this world to happen?”

February 2018

Focus on Love.  It would be easy to be hopeless given the seeming lack of love all around us—hateful acts, hateful words, and hidden or suppressed hateful thoughts. But we know that God is love, and because God is love, He desperately wants us to experience and share that love He has for us. Maybe you don’t have hateful attitudes on social issues, and you’ve never and would never commit an act of hate, but what about your feelings toward your brother, sister, or neighbor, toward the one who has done you wrong? When you are filled with Christ’s love, there is no room for hate; there is only room for love.

January 2018

Focus on New Beginnings.  Every year around this time people from all over do a funny thing. They make a New Years’ resolution. Why? Something about the start of a new year seems to trigger a sense of reflection on self and areas of needed change. What’s funny about it is that we are not limited to recognizing and making changes this time of year only.Nevertheless, many people do take this “opportunity” to make a needed change, start fresh, start a new beginning. So why not take advantage of this time of heightened motivation to promote recommitting ourselves to Christ. And not just in a generic sense, but in the full sense—doing everything to the glory of God. Walking and talking with Him daily. Depending on Him for all things. Trusting. Obeying.